Education is one of the key that is known to unlock  poverty all over the country.This have  increased invention of new ideas as this  acts as a catalyst  for  everyone to be in a position to know what is happening and what is about to happen nationally and international.In most of the African countries  they prefer using their national language  unlike their native language which  youngones  have been used to since they  were being brought to the universe.This have led to improvement of the girl child life as in most of the African communities they are not given a share as an inheritance.It acts as an indication that they are dependent and they are not in a position to depend on anyone in the  family.The myth that they are the pillar of their home to govern and make sure that everything runs smoothly have proved  been wrong since they also have a chance  in the industry and contribute   according to the level of education that one is.Thus  being in a position to  play a role in the countries  economic growth since everyone  is  believed to have equal chances.

Students  struggling to write on their knees.This is a clear indication of how important education is more so  to a girl child.

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