It is clearly known that  President of the Republic of Kenya promised to introduce laptops in primary schools.This have been  beneficial to youngones who are introduced to the use of the gadgets when they are still young.Most  of the students will be in a position to understand  concept clearly as they will be in a position to access  what they want in their  laptops since   some instutionS   dont have adequate resources like  text books that the students may be required to use.Also this have created a platform where students can be able to  participate in the global world which  may contribute  to provision of employment amoung the youths.

Its one of the major element that people can use to explore the world and also be in a position  to communicate with people who are in diaspora.Through this cohesion is enhanced within and abroad and also this contribute largely to marketing of products as well as telecommunication services.They are able to  be updated know and then thus  creating awareness and also improving communication worldwide.

student busy studying with their gadget

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